I do typography (UX research + motion)

i do typography - artwork-01

I do typography is an academic research work about conceptual typography.

The universality of the approach can be applied to multiple UI and UX standards, which is my main focus.

The main goal of the project was to approach persons globally, with different alphabet systems and different languages, and visually study how they would write down the sentence “I do typography”. Then afterwards merge them all into a single readable conceptual typeface that could be read and understood globally – and yet every other alphabet would be recognized into it; that would be my challenge.

So I reached out some foreign friends, that also talked with other friends, made some community posts, and went to reddit which was the biggest source of cooperation.

Reddit original article (link):

Hey folks,

As I am currently doing this typography (I know you love it too) project for my Masters Degree, I will need 30secds of your precious time and a click of your camera.

Long story short: I need you to write down on a paper “I DO TYPOGRAPHY” on your own alfabet, take a picture of the results and upload it to me. edit: I forgot to say, when posting the link, if you can write your country that would be great

“Why do you need it @donstephz?” Well, I’m a portuguese graphic designer, currently doing my Masters. I was challenged to write down the above sentece in a way that would reflect the human capability of comunicating through typography. My project aims to show on the final artwork that you might have some dozens of ways of writing the exact same thing but on your own cultural way and for that I will need to reach the most alfabets possible to get a wide range of diversity with the same sentence – “I DO TYPOGRAPHY” – then I will blend them all together and create a conceptual new alfabet based on all the photos you guys will have sent me merged one above the other.

Note: I don’t need a translation, but the same sentence in a different alfabet. e.g.: if you are english you will write on the paper “I DO TYPOGRAPHY”, and if you are french you will still write “I DO TYPOGRAPHY” instead of “JE FAIS LA TYPOGRAPHIE” because it is still the same alfabet.


The editing process:

Some contributions and results:


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  1. Bernard » — 3:52 PM

    Bravo pour ton travail ! Continues !

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