Catari Scaffolding Catalogue

When I got onboard with the Design lead at Catari, things were a bit shaky up on creative lane. The brand was starting to become solid and going global, which means – for the good and for the bad – it was starting to be on the spotlight for clients abroad. But what do you do when you get the spotlight? Either you get shy, or you get your show on.

The main issue wasn’t what to communicate to the outside: the products had reached a solid quality and the costumers were overall happy; but how it would be communicated. The team had come to a crossroads where the current prints weren’t enough for the incoming potential clients.


The clients had grown along with the brand. The team was catching bigger fishes and needed to reload their baits. That’s when I came in. The communications that was being handed up to this date was laking of periodicity, structure and storytelling. The new customers didn’t know how to handle the product, how to fully benefit from it and boost their profit, although it was all there, but uncommunicated. In the printed area, the team was served with well aesthetically designed materials but i was foggy on the content, which everyone seemed to cause mixed feelings: because it looked ok, but it wasn’t aswering to the new clients’ now more demanding questions.

The new printed catalogue for the USⓇ  catalogue took a deep UX research to gather practical use information and storytelling for each individual part of the system, with detailed 3D’s and assemblies, product information and no superfluous nor redundant info. A clean design with white space to maintain the focus on specific aspects and a swiss grid organization with storytelling of every part. Attention to the final art and print materials was kept in mind to give the products its due importance and its customized size of 19*25cm instead of the regular A4, fits perfectly an iPad screen when digital.




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